High density Polyethylene Blow Molding Grade

short description:

Product Name: HDPE Resin

Other Name: High Density Polyethylene Resin

Appearance: White powder/Transparent Granule

Grades – film, blow-molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, pipes, wire & cable and base material.

HS Code: 39012000

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High density polyethylene resin is non dangerous goods. Ecru granule or powder, free from mechanical impurities. The granule is cylindrical granule and packed in polypropylene woven bag with inner coating. The environment should be kept clean and dry during transportation and loading and unloading.

HDPE blow molding grade features high density, modulus and rigidity, good environmental stress crack resistanse and excellent processability. The resin is suitable for making large and medium-sized containers holding liquids by blow-molding.


HDPE blow-molding grade can be used for producing smallsized containers such as milk bottles, juice bottles, cosmetics bottles, artificial butter cans, gear oil barrels and auto lubricant barrels. It can also be used in the production of intermediate bulk-containers(IBC), large toys, floating matters and large and medium-sized containers such as packaging-use barrels.

HDPE for bucket



1158 1158P
MFR g/10min 2.1 2.4
Density g/cm3 0.953 0.95
Tensile Strength MPa ≥ 24 20
Elongation at break %  ≥ 600 300
Flexural modulus MPa - -
Charpy notched impact strength KJ/m2 32 28
Impact brittleness temperature ℃≤ - -

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