Sinopec PVC resin s1000 for pipe

short description:

Product Name: PVC Resin

Other Name: Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

Appearance: White Powder

K value: 65-67

Grades -Formosa ( Formolon) / Lg ls 100h / Reliance 6701 / Cgpc H66 / Opc S107 / Inovyn/ Finolex / Indonesia / Phillipine / Kaneka s10001t etc…

HS Code: 3904109001


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PVC S-1000 polyvinyl chloride resin is produced by suspension polymerization process using vinyl chloride monomer as raw material. It is a kind of polymer compound with a relative density of 1.35 ~ 1.40. Its melting point is about 70 ~ 85℃. Poor thermal stability and light resistance, over 100℃ or long time under the sun hydrogen chloride begins to decompose, plastic manufacturing needs to add stabilizers. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. According to the amount of plasticizer, the plastic softness can be adjusted, and the paste resin can be obtained by emulsion polymerization.

Grade S-1000 can be used to produce soft film, sheet, synthetic leather, piping, shaped bar, bellow, cable protection piping, packing film, sole and other soft sundry goods. 


PVC resin for profile
PVC resin for pipe grade


Grade   PVC S-1000 Remarks
Item Guarantee value Test method
Average polymerization degree 970-1070 GB/T 5761,Appendix A K value 65-67
Apparent density, g/ml 0.48-0.58 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix B  
Volatiles content (water included), %,    ≤ 0.30 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix C  
Plasticiser absorption of 100g resin, g,   ≥ 20 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix D  
VCM residue, mg/kg                               ≤ 5 GB/T 4615-1987  
Screenings % 2.0  2.0 Method 1: GB/T 5761, Appendix B
Method 2: Q/SH3055.77-2006,
Appendix A
95  95  
Fisheye number, No./400cm2,                   ≤ 20 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix E  
Number of impurity particles, No.,           ≤ 16 GB/T 9348-1988  
Whiteness (160ºC, 10minutes later), %,  ≥ 78 GB/T 15595-95


Piping, hard transparent plate. Film and sheeting, photograph records.

1) Construction material: Piping, sheeting, windows and door.
2) Packing material
3) Furniture: Decorate material

Packaging and Delivery

1).25kg kraft paper bags lined with PP-woven bags or1000kg jambo bags

17 tons/20GP, 28tons/40GP

2)Delivery shall be made within 7 working days upon receipt of advance payment.


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