High density Polyethylene DGDB2480

short description:

Product Name: HDPE Resin

Other Name: High Density Polyethylene Resin

Appearance: White powder/Transparent Granule

Grades – film, blow-molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, pipes, wire & cable and base material.

HS Code: 39012000


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This product is produced using UNIPOL™ process technology. It is intended for use in pipe applications where long term hydrostatic strength and resistance to slow crack growth are desired. Suitable applications include natural gas distribution pipes, large diameter industrial piping, mining, sewage, and municipal water service lines. Industrial Standards Compliance: ASTM D 3350: cell classification - Natural - PE345464A - Black - PE345464C (See NOTES A) Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI): TR-4 - Natural Pipe - DGDB-2480 NT 3408 -- ASTM PE3608 pipe grade - 1600psi HDB @ 73°F - Black Pipe - DGDB-2480 BK 3408 (See NOTES B) -- ASTM PE3608 pipe grade - 1600psi HDB @ 73°F and 800psi HDB @ 140°F National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 14 and 61 - Natural Pipe - DGDB-2480 NT 3608 - Black Pipe - DGDB-2480 BK 3608 (See NOTES B) Consult the regulations for complete details. NOTES: (A) The first five numbers of the cell classification are based on natural resin. The last number and letter are based on black resin (natural resin plus 6.5% DFNF-0092). (B) Natural resin extruded under proper conditions with carbon black masterbatch DFNF-0092 (6.5%).


1.Pipe applications
2.Natural gas distribution pipes
3.Large diameter industrial piping
6.Municipal water service lines



These values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

Typical Properties

● 2% Secant Modulus, MD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi)> 827 (> 120
● 2% Secant Modulus, TD (ASTM D882) in MPa (psi)> 827 (> 120
● Brittleness Temperature in °C(°F)< -100
● Density0.945 g/cm3
● Density Range.940-.950
● FunctionalityMechanical Performance
● Melt Index (g/10min @190°C/2.16 kg (ASTM D1238))0.1
● Tensile Elongation at Break, MD850 %
● Tensile Elongation at Break, TD850 %
● Tensile Strength Yield, MD (ASTM D638) in MPa (psi)22.1 (3200)
● Tensile Strength Yield, TD (ASTM D638) in MPa (psi)22.1 (3200)

Application Benefits

● Anti-blockNo
● SlipNo

 Processing-Formulating Benefits

● ProcessPipe Extrusion


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