• PVC export analysis

    PVC export analysis

    In July, with the end of the rainy season in Southeast Asia, factories in India and other places are about to start, buyers in the region will increase the purchasing power of PVC, driving overseas downstream demand to improve, domestic PVC export volume appeared a stage of recovery, while domest...
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  • 2023 PVC resin market analysis

    2023 PVC resin market analysis

    Background: The supply growth in the first half of 2023 was slow, although the new capacity was concentrated and the capacity utilization rate of production enterprises declined significantly; The domestic market demand is insufficient, the real estate market is weak in the second quarter, the ex...
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  • Recent domestic PVC export market trend analysis-06.16

    Recent domestic PVC export market trend analysis-06.16

    Recently, the domestic PVC export market has improved, although the export quotation has been lowered, but with the Indian market stage replenishment, overseas demand is picking up, most of the domestic export enterprises have improved compared with the previous period, and the export trading vol...
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  • PVC resin price trend

    PVC resin price trend

    This week’s expected review: this week’s PVC market operating range 5550-5760 yuan/ton, the week’s macro news boost led to the current rebound higher than expected, but high prices as a whole difficult to trade, the weekly volume concentrated in 5550-5600 yuan/ton range. This we...
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  • India import PVC resin analysis

    India import PVC resin analysis

    India is currently the fastest growing economy in the world. Thanks to its young population and low social dependency rate, India has its own unique advantages, such as a large number of skilled workers, low labor costs and a huge domestic market. At present, India has 32 chlor-alkali installatio...
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  • PVC resin price analysis 5.29

    PVC resin price analysis 5.29

    Introduction: This week, the fundamental supply of PVC slightly weakened, to maintain the weak supply, under the pressure of high cost and loss has not yet appeared PVC production enterprises large-scale parking situation, some high cost enterprises in the east of the load slightly picked up; Esp...
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  • PVC price fall after May 1 hoilday

    PVC price fall after May 1 hoilday

    Expected review of this week: after the festival, the market price of PVC was lowered, and the operating range was 5850-6050 yuan/ton, basically consistent with the predicted value of last week. The output of PVC production enterprises after maintenance increased by 7.38% month-on-month, but the ...
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  • Polyethylene export and import in China

    Polyethylene export and import in China

    [Introduction] : In March, Chinese polyethylene import volume decreased by 18.12% year-on-year, month-on-month -1.09%; In the total amount in line with public expectations, and LDPE varieties rose 20.73%, increment significantly, beyond market expectations. In terms of exports, the year-on-year i...
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  • PVC export FOB price

    PVC export FOB price

    In April 2023, although there was a downward trend in the export market quotation of PVC, with the slight warming of overseas demand, the domestic export turnover increased. At the beginning of the month, domestic PVC manufacturers continued to lower the offer, and the PVC export transaction bega...
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