What is WPC floor and SPC floor?

WPC is the abbreviation of Wood Plastic Composites, is a kind of laminated PVC composite decorative layer as the surface layer, wood plastic composite foam material as the bottom layer, by pressing processing of the floor.

SPC is the abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composites, which is made by extruding machine combined with T-mold to extrude SPC substrate, using three or four roller calender respectively to PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and SPC substrate, one-time heating and laminating, is not the use of glue products.

Features of WPC and SPC flooring:

(1) 100% waterproof, suitable for use in any indoor area except outdoor;

(2) High environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade;

(3) Fire rating Bf1; It is the highest grade standard for the floor, suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements;

(4) High strength and wear resistance;

(5) Moisture-proof, anti-slip, anti-moth, anti-corrosion and antibacterial;

(6) feet feel comfortable, sound absorption effect is good;

(7) Simple installation and easy maintenance;

(8) Reflect the real texture of wood, can adjust different colors according to needs;

(9) WPC floor in the indoor temperature below 0℃ deformation risk;

(10) SPC floor is suitable for indoor space use from extremely cold (-20℃) to extremely hot (60℃).

Post time: Jun-24-2023