• The design principle of PVC profile formulation

    The design principle of PVC profile formulation

    The resin for producing PVC plastic profiles is polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer made of vinyl chloride monomer. The PVC resin can be classified into two types, a loose type (XS) and a compact type (XJ), depending on the dispersing agent in the polymerization. The l...
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  • PVC Profile Production progress

    PVC Profile Production progress

    Basic stages in PVC profile production are: Polymer pellets are fed in the hopper. From hopper, the pallets are flow down through feed throat and spread across the barrel by the spinning screw. Barrel heaters provide heating to pallets and screw movement provides the shear heating. At t...
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  • Profile Extrusion Process

    Profile Extrusion Process

    The plastic extrusion process is a straightforward procedure that involves melting down resin beads (raw thermostat material), filtering it and then designing it into a given shape. The rotating screw helps in pushing down a heated barrel to a given temperature. The molten plastic is passed throu...
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