• Effect of PVC resin on volume resistivity of PVC cable

    PVC resin is the largest component of PVC cable, and its own quality has a great influence on the mechanical and electrical properties of cable materials. 1 Conductive mechanism of PVC In general, both electron conduction and ion conduction are observed in polymers, but the degree is different.  ...
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  • The design principle of PVC profile formulation

    The design principle of PVC profile formulation

    The resin for producing PVC plastic profiles is polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer made of vinyl chloride monomer. The PVC resin can be classified into two types, a loose type (XS) and a compact type (XJ), depending on the dispersing agent in the polymerization. The l...
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  • PVC floor mat introduction and production

    PVC floor mat introduction and production

    PVC  carpet, also known as polymat, has the advantages of flexibility, aging resistance, easy cleaning, easy to use, mainly used in hotels, hotels and family front foot mat.  PVC spinneret foot pad by PVC bottom pad and spinneret composite completed, the general PVC bottom pad is generally soft ...
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  • what is PVC board

    what is PVC board

    PVC board is made of PVC as raw material section for honeycomb mesh structure of the plate. PVC board in the building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion of 60%, followed by the packaging industry, there are a number of other small applications of the industry. According to ...
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  • HDPE resin for crate

    HDPE resin for crate

    Plastic crate  has the advantages of beautiful quality, light corrosion resistance, high strength, no moisture absorption, sanitary quality, easy cleaning, easy processing and molding, which is conducive to civilized production, easy management, cost and long service life.HDPE crate an replace wo...
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  • LDPE film and HDPE film

    LDPE film and HDPE film

    White film, LDPE= low density Polyethylene, or high-pressure Polyethylene, is Polyethylene polymerized under high pressure conditions, the density is below 0.922.   HDPE= high-density Polyethylene, or low-voltage Polyethylene.  Density above 0.940.   Black geomembrane is mostly HDPE(hig...
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  • Knowledge of PVC foam board

    Knowledge of PVC foam board

    One, PVC foam board introduction   PVC foam board is also known as snow board or Andy board, according to the production process, appearance and performance can be divided into PVC foam board and free foam board. PVC skin foam board is produced by Celuca process, with a layer of hard skin on the ...
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  • Why can medical PVC floor be widely used

    Why can medical PVC floor be widely used

    Why can medical PVC floor be widely applied? The reason is very simple,PVC floor has antibacterial properties. In hospitals, clinics, elderly care and other places, antibacterial performance is the most important index, especially in hospitals, the bacteria environment is complex, the requirement...
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  • What is PVC plastic floor

    What is PVC plastic floor

    PVC PLASTIC floor HAS FLOOR OF POLYVINYL CHLORIDE roll MATERIAL AND POLYVINYL CHLORIDE BLOCK FLOOR two kinds.  Its width is 1830mm, 2000mm, each roll length 15m, 20mm, the total thickness of 1.6mm~3.2mm.  PVC plastic floor is a broad term. A concept, There are a variety of views on the network, i...
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