It has the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, excellent heat resistance, and easy heat sealing. CPP film is printed and bagged, and is suitable for: clothing, knitwear and flower packaging bags; document and photo album film; food packaging; and metallized film for barrier packaging and decoration. Potential uses also include: food packaging, candy packaging (twisted film), pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bag), replacing PVC in photo albums, folders and documents, synthetic paper, self-adhesive tape, business card holders, ring folders And standing bag composite material.

CPP has excellent heat resistance. Since the softening point of PP is about 140°C, this type of film can be used in hot filling, retort bags, aseptic packaging and other fields. Coupled with excellent resistance to acid, alkali and grease, it becomes the first choice for bread product packaging or laminate materials. It is safe in contact with food, has excellent performance, does not affect the flavor of the food inside, and can choose different grades of resin to obtain the required characteristics.

Post time: May-24-2022