Polyvinyl chloride resin QS-800F

short description:

Product Name: PVC Resin

Other Name: Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

Appearance: White Powder

K value: 60-62

Grades -Formosa ( Formolon) / Lg ls 100h / Reliance 6701 / Cgpc H66 / Opc S107 / Inovyn/ Finolex / Indonesia / Phillipine / Kaneka s10001t etc…

HS Code: 3904109001

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PVC QS-800F is produced by 370,000 tons/year PVC plant invested 840 million yuan by Qilu Petrochemical. The device introduces advanced suspension production technology from Western Chemical Company in the United States, with obvious quality and environmental characteristics: the whole production is closed, no impurities into, can effectively ensure product quality; Polymerization system using water-soluble non-toxic initiator, product health; Using advanced stripping and drying technology, the residue of ethylene chloride in the product is less than 1ppm, without nitrile group and toluene; Using 135 cubic meter polymerization kettle, single line annual production capacity of 200,000 tons, product batch stability is high. After industrial processing test, Qilu petrochemical QS series of products average polymerization degree, plasticizer absorption, impurities content and other technical indicators are very excellent.


Grade QS-800F is used for extrusion profile, wire and cable material, flexible and rigid material, rigid or semi-rigid pressed material, and flexible film and sheet.

PVC resin


Grade   PVC QS-800F Remarks
Item Guarantee value Test method
Average polymerization degree 750-850 GB/T 5761,Appendix A K value 60-62
Apparent density, g/ml 0.51-0.61 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix B  
Volatiles content (water included), %,          ≤ 0.30 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix C  
Plasticiser absorption of 100g resin, g,         ≥ 17 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix D  
VCM residue, mg/kg                                        ≤ 5 GB/T 4615-1987  
Screenings % 2.0  2.0 Method 1: GB/T 5761, Appendix B
Method2:Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix A
95  95  
Fisheye number, No./400cm2,                        ≤ 30 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix E  
Number of impurity particles, No.,                ≤ 20 GB/T 9348-1988  
Whiteness (160ºC, 10 minutes later), %,      ≥ 78 GB/T 15595-95  


(1) Packing : 25kg net/pp bag, or kraft paper bag .
(2) Loading quantity : 680Bags/20'container, 17MT/20'container .
(3) Loading quantity : 1000Bags/40'container, 25MT/40'container .

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