Sinopec Qilu ethylene plant profile

China petroleum and chemical co., LTD., qilu branch plastics factory was established in June 1992, is a production of polyolefin resin based large-scale petrochemical enterprise The plastics factory with a total of six sets of production equipment, has a 200 tons/year polyethylene experiment center To produce various polyolefin chemical products brand eighty, annual production capacity of 1 million tons.

Sinopec Qilu PE

LDPE device:

The construction started on April 28, 1994, and the first operation was successful on November 13, 1998. DSM tubular pulse-free production process is adopted with ethylene as the main raw material and propylene as the polymerizer, with a design capacity of 140,000 tons/year, and the current capacity of the plant has reached 180,000 tons. The products can be widely used in agricultural film, heavy packaging film, shrinkage film, cable sheath material, insulation material, injection molding, extrusion coating, foaming material and other fields. The device can produce 57 grades of products with a density of 0.919g/cm3-0.928g/cm3 and melt mass flow rate of 0.2-65g/10min. The main products are film material 2100TN00, 2102TN26, 2102TN00, transparent material QLT04, detonating tube special material QLM21 and so on.

LLDPE unit:

The linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) unit uses Univation’s patented gas-phase fluidized bed polyethylene technology. The original design capacity was 60,000 tons/year. The unit was put into operation in October 1990, and the condensing technology was completed in October 2004. With titanium or chromium catalysts, ethylene as the main raw material, butene or hexene as the comonomer, more than 50 grades can be produced. Main production of rolling plastic, film material, film material, drawing material and so on. Now the main production brands are butene copolymer film material DFDA7042, greenhouse film material QLLP01, flow film material QLLF20, butene copolymer rolling plastic DNDB7149U and 7151U, high rigidity rolling plastic R444L, etc..

PP device:

Polypropylene (PP) unit is imported Spheripol technology from BASELL Company in the United States to produce propylene homopolymerization, propylene ethylene random copolymerization and copolymerization products with propylene and ethylene as raw materials. The PLANT adopts THE COMBINED production process of liquid-phase circular pipe reactor and GAS-phase fluidized bed reactor, with a design capacity of 70,000 tons/year. The plant was put into operation in August 1990, and the current production capacity is up to 90,000 tons/year. Now we mainly produce copolymerization products, including anti-impact copolymerization products such as automobile bumper special material SP179, middle melting finger rigid and tough balance low-odor anti-impact copolymerization product QP83N, conventional low-melt finger anti-impact copolymerization products EPS30R and EPS30RA, random copolymerization transparent material QPT91N and QPT93N, random copolymerization tube material QPR01, etc.

HDPE device (2 sets of devices) :

High density polyethylene (HDPE) 1# unit adopts the low pressure gas-phase fluidized bed process technology of Univation (now Univation) to produce high density polyethylene products with ethylene as raw material, propylene, butene-1 or hexene-1 as co-monomer and hydrogen as molecular weight regulator. The plant has two production lines with a designed capacity of 140,000 tons/year. It started operation in June 1987 and has a current production capacity of 175,000 tons/year. The device is mainly composed of metallocene catalyst products such as heat-resistant polyethylene tube material QHM22F, heat-shrinkable film mPE F3306S, mPER335HL rolling plastic, communication cable insulation material QHJ01 produced by F catalyst and PE 80 tube material DGDB2480 produced by S catalyst.

High density polyethylene (HDPE)2# unit adopts GPE’s patented gas-phase fluidized bed polyethylene technology, with a designed production capacity of 250,000 tons/year, which was put into production in January 2013. Using DOMESTIC TITANIUM AND CHROMIUM CATALYSTS, ETHYLENE AS the main RAW material, 1-butene, 1-HEXene as the co-monomer, the production of different melting index and different density of products, products covering film, hollow blow molding, injection molding, wire drawing, pipe and cable applications. High density polyethylene (HDPE)2# device can not only produce the products that HDPE 1# device can produce, but also realize the granulation of high molecular weight polyethylene DMD1158. It is mainly composed of large hollow special material DMD1158 powder and DMD1158P, tube material DGDB2480 and extruded film material DGDA6098.

Sinopec Qilu

Polyethylene Experimental Center:

This device is the first set of gas phase polyethylene intermediate test device approved by China Petrochemical Corporation. It was put into production in November 1994, with a design capacity of 200T/A. Be able to develop and produce a variety of gas catalyst series products and catalyst evaluation. Over THE years, the device has developed and produced communication cable materials, metallocene series products, special materials for hot melt rubber powder, special materials for tons of packaging, etc., which has played an important role in the development of new products of Qilu Branch, and made important contributions.

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