PVC resin price trend

This week’s expected review: this week’s PVC market operating range 5550-5760 yuan/ton, the week’s macro news boost led to the current rebound higher than expected, but high prices as a whole difficult to trade, the weekly volume concentrated in 5550-5600 yuan/ton range.

This week, the maintenance increment of PVC enterprises is mainly planned for the maintenance of enterprises in Northwest China, and the device failure of individual enterprises in East China reduces production, and the capacity utilization rate decreases by 3.23% to 70.12%; Downstream products enterprises still maintain weak construction, due to follow-up orders, the builders produce more conventional models, and there is a holiday in Shandong and Henan wheat harvest, and individual holiday cycle is long; This week, the export market price is still down, due to the support of the outside, there are obvious transactions in the week, mainly to the ethylene law enterprises. Blue carbon material fell below 1,000 yuan, the support for calcium carbide is weak, superimposed V overhaul efforts, calcium carbide prices continue to look low to 2700 or below; Chlor-alkali at the beginning of the limited decline, in view of profits, V continues to increase bearish, but its downward space is supported by maintenance in the short term, this week’s industry data performance is better, still need more power and time to break.

Recent PVC market focus:

1, this week, the capacity utilization rate of PVC production enterprises decreased by 3.10% in 70.24%, a decrease of 7.16% year-on-year.

2, the Indian market sales competition is larger, there is a supply of CFR India 730 US dollars/ton, more than 50 US dollars lower than Formosa Plastic, Taiwan, China, affected by this Formosa Plastic pre-sale in June is not ideal, the price is expected to be delayed in July.

3, this week, calcium carbide prices fell significantly, the average cost of the national calcium carbide PVC production enterprises 5789 yuan/ton, down 3.66% last week.

Post time: Jun-10-2023