what is PVC resin used for?

PVC applications

what is PVC resin used for

1. Polyvinyl chloride profiles

Profile is the biggest field of PVC consumption in our country, about 25% of the total consumption of PVC, mainly used in the production of doors, Windows and energy-saving material, its application amount still has a large increase in the national scope at present.  The market share of plastic doors and Windows is also the highest in developed countries, such as Germany with 50 percent, France with 56 percent, and the United States with 45 percent.  In the past 30 years, plastic profile doors and Windows industry from scratch, from less to more.  Formed a large scale, complete set of emerging low-carbon economy scale industrial cluster.  Plastic profile needs more than 3.5 million tons of PVC resin per year, accounting for about 40% of the total production of PVC resin in China. The export of foreign trade is mainly concentrated in the domestic nearly 20 large and medium-sized enterprises, is a leading industry development, leading science and technology, quality reputation and high visibility at home and abroad pillar enterprises.  In 2019, the total production capacity of plastic profiles in our country is about 8 million tons, with various models of extrusion equipment about 13000.  Output OF ALL KINDS OF PLASTIC PROFILE IS ESTIMATED IN 5 MILLION TONS OF UP AND DOWN (CONTAIN 500 THOUSAND TONS OF NON-DOOR WINDOW TO USE PROFILE ABOUT), DOOR WINDOW PROCESSING MANUFACTURING CAPACITY CAN AMOUNT TO 700 MILLION SQUARE METERS/YEAR, ESTIMATE YEAR SHOULD USE IS 500 MILLION MUCH SQUARE PIECES EVERY YEAR, TOTAL OUTPUT VALUE AMOUNTS TO ABOVE 100 BILLION YUAN.  Plastic DOOR window ACCOUNTS for 38% OF market year DEMAND GROSS ABOUT.

2. PVC pipe

Among the many PVC products, PVC pipeline is the second largest consumption area, accounting for about 20% of its consumption.  In our country, PVC pipe is developed earlier than PE pipe and PP pipe, many varieties, excellent performance, wide range of use, occupies an important position in the market.

3. Polyvinyl chloride film

PVC film field of PVC consumption ranked third, accounting for about 10%.  PVC mixed with additives, plasticizing, the use of three or four roller rolling mechanism into a specified thickness of transparent or colored film, with this method processing film, become calendering film.  Can also be cut, thermal processing packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys and so on.  Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouse, plastic greenhouse and plastic film.  After bidirectional stretching of the film, the property of heat shrinkage, can be used for shrink packaging

4. PVC rigid materials and sheet

PVC added stabilizer, lubricant and filler, after mixing, with extruder can extrude a variety of caliber of hard pipe, special-shaped pipe, bellows, used as a downpipe, drinking pipe, wire sleeve or stair handrail.  Overlapping hot pressing of the calendered sheet can make hard sheets of various thicknesses.  The sheet can be cut into the desired shape, and then the use of PVC electrodes with hot air welding into a variety of chemical corrosion resistant storage tanks, air ducts and containers.

5. PVC general soft product

The extruder can be used to squeeze into hose, cable, wire, etc.;  Plastic sandals, soles, slippers, toys and auto parts can be made by injection molding machine with various molds.

6. Polyvinyl chloride packaging material

PVC products are mainly used for packaging containers, films and hard sheets.  PVC containers are mainly used to produce PTP packaging for mineral water, beverages, cosmetic bottles, medicines, and also for refined oil packaging.  PVC film can be used for co-extrusion with other polymers to produce low cost laminated products, and transparent products with good barrier property.  PVC film can also be used in stretch or heat shrink packaging for mattresses, cloth, toys and industrial goods.

7. PVC wainscoting and flooring

PVC wainscoting is mainly used to replace aluminum wainscoting.  In addition to a part of PVC resin, the remaining components of PVC floor tile are recycling materials, adhesives, fillers and other components, mainly used in the airport terminal floor and other places of the hard ground.

8. Polyvinyl chloride for daily consumption

Duffel bags are traditional products made from polyvinyl chloride, which is used to make all kinds of imitation leather for duffel bags and sports products, such as basketball, football and football.  It can also be used to make belts for uniforms and special protective equipment.  PVC fabrics for clothing are generally absorbent fabrics (do not need coating), such as ponchos, baby pants, imitation leather jackets and various rain boots.  PVC is used in many sports and entertainment products, such as toys, records and sporting goods. At present, PVC toys have a large growth range. Because of the low production cost of PVC toys and sporting goods, it is easy to form and has an advantage.

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