The recent PVC export market price rise

Recently, the US PVC export market is on the rise, the average export price in January at $775 / ton FAS, up $65 / ton FAS month on month. The price of PVC in the United States decreased slightly, the price is now floating around 70 cents/lb, month-on-month decline of about 5 cents/lb. The export price of PVC in northwest Europe rose, the average export price in January was $940 / ton, the average price of the month increased by about $10 / ton; The futures market is currently quoted at $1635 / ton, with the monthly average price down $50 / ton. The PVC market in India has shown an upward trend in January, with the average monthly price rising by about $70 / ton and the current price quoted at $930 / ton. In January, driven by external demand, China’s overall PVC export market continued to rise, specifically, in the northwest region of calcium carbide PVC export quotation range of $810- $830 / ton FOB; North China calcium carbide method PVC export quotation range in $840-860 / ton FOB; The export price of calcium carbide PVC in the southwest region is $880-900 CIF/ton; The export price of vinyl PVC in North China is 840-880 USD/ton FOB, and the export price of vinyl PVC in East China is about 870 USD/ton FOB. However, affected by the Spring Festival holiday, export enterprises around the foreign trade signed a decrease, the export market at the end of the month trading situation slightly flat.

Post time: Jan-30-2023