pvc resin for cabinets 

PVC is a very popular and widely used synthetic polymer of plastic. It is a very durable sheet made of plastic composite. Due to its light-weight and durability, it has many uses including plumbing pipes, cabinets, countertops, window and door frames, etc. With modular kitchens gaining popularity, PVC is becoming the go to material for kitchen cabinets and decorative laminates used on kitchen cabinets.
Currently, there are two types of PVC boards used to make PVC kitchen cabinets – PVC hollow boards and PVC foam boards.

PVC hollow boards are hollow on the inside and are the more flexible type. Being the more economical option out of the two, they are also light-weight. Unfortunately, this type has a few negatives. They have a low thermal resistance and are not termite, moisture or fire resistant. They are also less sturdy than PVC foam boards.
PVC foam boards are more expensive but have a lot of good qualities. They are thicker, broader and more durable than hollow boards. They are also insulated against heat and may sometimes require detail finishing. PVC kitchen cabinets made from foam boards are more reliable and stronger; they are a better option for your kitchen cabinets.

Post time: May-25-2022