Polypropylene modification

Technical background

polypropylene resin because it has good rigidity and heat resistance, and after the modification means rich, because this is gradually replace some engineering plastics, widely used in automotive, electrical appliances and household and other fields

Especially on the copolymerization polypropylene resin, by in the progress of production process and catalyst technology, gives the products more excellent comprehensive performance But due to the impact were get together for propylene production has great technical difficulties, especially in such aspects as product toughness and rigidity liquidity, also can’t completely full enough in some areas of demand, therefore also need on the basis of the existing brand impact copolymer polypropylene after modification, namely through adding nucleating agent elastomer inorganic filler to achieve material such as high rigidity.

The rigidity of  polypropylene materials with high toughness and high fluidity is usually improved by adding nucleating agent or inorganic filler. With the addition of inorganic filler such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, mica, diatomite, etc., the bending of polypropylene resin The flexural strength and flexural elastic modulus increase gradually, but at the same time, the elongation and impact strength of polypropylene will be reduced, and the color and shrinkage of polypropylene products will be affected. Moreover, the addition of a large number of inorganic fillers will improve the density of materials, restricting the lightweight of products, especially in the field of automotive applications

In recent years, the application of nucleating agent in polypropylene has gradually increased. Many petrochemical plants add nucleating agent in the granulation process of producing polypropylene resin. The addition of nucleating agent not only has no adverse effect on the color of polypropylene, but also can improve the heat resistance and glossiness of polypropylene resin. 5%, although the amount of addition is small, but due to the price of nucleating agent is expensive (according to product quality and technical level, the price is usually in the tens of thousands to five hundred thousand), will increase the cost of polypropylene resin tons of several hundred yuan.

The polypropylene composition is made from the following raw materials by weight:

polypropylene resin 100; 

Heat stabilizer 0.05 ~ 2; 

Stearate metal salt 0.02 ~ 0.5; 

Inorganic filler 0.05 ~ 3; 

Organic nucleating agent 0.01 ~ 0.2. 

Polypropylene resin composite by using polypropylene resin, thermal stabilizer, stearic acid, metal salts, inorganic filler and a small amount of nucleating agent were mixed granulation preparation, high rigidity, high heat resistance and low cost advantage, preparation technology is simple, the polypropylene resin composite can be used in automobiles, household appliances and household and other fields.


Post time: Jul-11-2022