PE resin for pipe price analysis in October ,2022

【 Introduction 】 :  In October, the futures fluctuated downward, and the petrochemical price of domestic PE pipe materials fell in turns, with a range of 200-400 yuan/ton, and the trading report followed the downward, with a range of 250-600 yuan/ton. The domestic PE pipe demand is not flourishing in the peak season, the overall factory operating rate is weak, the order situation is poor, and the factory’s risk aversion is strong, and the enthusiasm of raw material procurement is weakened.  Overall market turnover is general.

The US dollar offer for PE pipe material import declined slightly, dragging down the domestic market. Although the domestic petrochemical PE pipe material production in November decreased slightly compared with October, the traditional demand for PE pipe is approaching the off-season, coupled with frequent domestic outbreaks, the demand is not optimistic. Under the contradiction between supply and demand, Lonzhong Information predicted that the domestic PE pipe material market will continue to weaken in November.

Post time: Nov-09-2022