PE (Polyethylene)

Polyethylene is the most widely-consumed thermoplastic in the world by volume. We produce three types of polyethylene, namely HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE where:

a) HDPE products are characterised by greater toughness and superior mechanical strength, coupled with higher service temperature limits.

b) LDPE products are easy to process and have good strength and clarity.

c) LLDPE products offer improved strength, chemical resistance and a higher melting point, making them suitable for high film strength applications.


Primary Uses


HDPE is used to manufacture grocery, merchandise and trash bags, food containers for items such as frozen desserts and margarine, bottle caps and closures, liners for cereal and cracker boxes, plastic drink cups, dairy crates, bread trays, pails, safety equipment such as hard hats, house wrap for insulation, bottles for household and industrial chemicals, milk bottles, juice bottles, and large tanks for storing liquids such as agricultural and lawn care chemicals.


LDPE is used to manufacture food packaging films, plastic bottles for packaging food and personal care items, dry cleaning bags, ice bags, pallet shrink wrap, heavy-duty bags for mulch and potting soil, boil-in-bag bags, coatings on flexible packaging products, and coatings on paper board such as milk cartons.


LLDPE is used to manufacture garbage and lawn-leaf bags, industrial can liners, housewares, lids for coffee cans and margarine tubs, dishpans, home plastic storage containers, kitchen trash containers, large toys such as outdoor gym sets, drip irrigation tubing, protective coating for telephone wires and film, shrink wrap for multi-packaging canned food, bag-in-box bags, produce bags and pallet stretch wrap.

Post time: Apr-07-2022