HDPE HJ01,HDPE HJ02 for cable

Communication cable is a kind of special cable used to transmit communication signal. However, the quality of cable insulation material also directly affects the transmission quality of communication signal.

As EARLY AS 2001, QILU PETROCHEMICAL PLASTICS FACTORY HAS SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE INSULATION MATERIAL QHJ01 FOR URBAN COMMUNICATION, AND has been “favored” by the market for its stable product quality and performance, and has long become the “star product” in the field of domestic communication cable.

However, with the development of optical cable and mobile communication, the market pattern has changed a lot. The demand for local telephone communication cable is shrinking year by year. With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the annual growth rate of digital communication cable is 20 ~ 30%.

In order to fill the gap of domestic high-end digital communication insulation materials as soon as possible, Qilu Petrochemical Plastic Factory has made bold exploration and experiment since the second half of 2017, mainly aiming at the development and production of high-end products in the fields of network cables and data cables used in digital communication.

Due to the use of new copolymer, there is no production precedent in China, and many technological conditions need to be explored.

With the successful experience in developing and producing QHJ01 products, Qilu Petrochemical Plastics Plant produced QHJ02 powder products that meet the requirements of digital communication cable indicators in September 2017, which provided “first-hand information” for the trial production of large equipment.  According to the pilot product test results, in May 2018, the high-end new communication cable material QHJ02 product was “born” smoothly.


On August 27, the product was comprehensively tested by the National Wire and cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, 17 indicators all meet the requirements of industry standards.

The CABLES PRODUCED BY QHJ02 PRODUCTS HAVE GOOD surface finish, good machining performance, electrical performance and physical and chemical performance, reaching the level of similar imported products, and can meet the production requirements of more than 5 kinds of digital communication cables.

The picture


QHJ02 insulation material to achieve the domestic initiative.

It is not only an effective substitute for imports

Break the long-term monopoly of foreign products

And enriched Qilu petrochemical plastic product structure

Qilu petrochemical in the field of high-end communication cable materials

Occupy the commanding heights of the country.

Post time: Aug-03-2022