China PVC export market analysis

In THE NEAR FUTURE, PVC EXPORT performance in China is general, the market actual transaction is relatively limited.  On the one hand, due to the global economic downturn, the external demand is slightly reduced compared with the previous period;  On the other hand, the cost of domestic PVC raw materials is high, and the price of PVC external plate is low. The downstream customers in the industry are mostly wait-and-see.  The specific performance is as follows.

Ethylene PVC export enterprises: ethylene PVC export market in East China shows a slightly depressed trend.  At the beginning of August, the export price of vinyl PVC is about $950 / ton FOB, and the offer will be sealed after the middle of August. At the end of August, PVC manufacturers will enter the maintenance period one after another, which is expected to last for half a month.  Recently, the downstream demand has been reduced, and the number of transactions of export enterprises has decreased compared with the previous period. Most downstream customers are wait-and-see.

Calcium carbide PVC export enterprises: the overall performance of the export market of calcium carbide PVC in domestic regions is general. Specifically, the quotation range of calcium carbide PVC export in northwest China is 860-920 USD/ton FOB;  The quotation range of calcium carbide PVC export in North China is 850-920 USD/ton FOB;  Calcium carbide PVC export enterprises in southwest China have not received orders recently, and the export remains closed.

Post time: Sep-02-2022