2022 PVC industry chain big event

1. Zhongtai Chemical intends to acquire shares of Markor Chemical

On January 16, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. issued a notice of suspension of trading in its shares for no more than 10 trading days from the opening of the market on January 17, 2022. The Company intends to purchase part or all of the shares (no less than 29.9%) held by Zhongtai Group and other shareholders of Markor Chemical by issuing shares and convertible corporate bonds, and raise supporting funds by issuing shares to qualified specific investors. (Source: China Chemical Industry Information Network)

2. Construction of Zhejiang Zhenyang New vinyl material project with an annual output of 300,000 tons officially started

On the morning of January 20, Zhejiang Zhenyang annual output of 300,000 tons of vinyl material project officially started construction. The vinyl new material project is the company’s initial public offering and investment project, the project is planned to total investment of 1.978 billion yuan, covers an area of about 155 mu, is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in 2023. (Source: Zhejiang Zhenyang)

3, India terminated anti-dumping measures against China PVC film

On 24 January 2022, the Revenue Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of India issued circular 03/2022-Customs(ADD) to terminate the existing anti-dumping measures against PVC Flex Films originating in or imported from China. (Source: China Trade Remedy Information Network)

4. Wanhua Chemical’s two major projects in Fujian broke ground on the same day

On February 7th, Wanhua Chemical (Fujian), as the third largest production base after Yantai and Ningbo, started the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) project with an annual output of 800,000 tons and the TDI project with an expansion of 250,000 tons/year on the same day. (Source: Fuzhou Daily)

5. Tianjin Bohua “Two Chemical” relocation and transformation PVC project successfully put into operation

On March 8, recently, the 800,000 tons/year PVC project of Tianjin Bohua “Two chemical” relocation and renovation, which was undertaken by China Construction and Installation Company, was successfully put into production. Recently, the 800,000 tons/year PVC project of Tianjin Bohua “Two chemical” relocation and transformation has been successfully put into production and once produced qualified products. The production capacity of PVC reaction unit will reach 800,000 tons/year. (Source: China Construction Installation)

6. Pakistan initiated anti-dumping investigation against Chinese vinyl/PVC flooring

On 27 May 2022, the National Tariff Board of Pakistan issued Case No. 62/2022 in response to an application filed on 1 April 2022 by Pakistan producer Asia Vinyl and Rubber Industries, Initiate an anti-dumping investigation against Vinyl/PVC Flooring originating from or imported from China. The products in question are vinyl/polyvinyl chloride flooring with thickness between 1 mm and 5 mm, cut into wood and tile shapes with fixed sizes for domestic, commercial, medical and office applications. The product has Pakistan tax code 3918.1000. The dumping investigation period in this case is from January  2021 to December 31,2021, and the injury investigation period is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021. Preliminary findings are expected to be made between 60 and 180 days after commencement, subject to further postponement. (Source: China Trade Remedy Information Network)

7. Guangdong Province issued an action plan for plastic pollution control

On August 4, the Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Province and the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province issued a circular under the Guangdong Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan (2022-2025), saying that by 2025, the plastic pollution control mechanism will operate more effectively and local, departmental and corporate responsibilities will be effectively implemented. Plastic products production, circulation, use, recycling, disposal of the whole chain control effect is more significant, white pollution has been effectively contained.

8. Salt Lake Hainer 200,000 tons/year calcium carbide device passed review

On August 9th, the feasibility study Report of Salt Lake Haina 200,000-ton/year calcium carbide device research and development service was held. The overall plan of the project is: annual output of 400,000 tons of caustic soda, 480,000 tons of PVC, 950,000 tons of calcium carbide and 3 million tons of cement. The project is divided into two phases: Phase I construction of 200,000 tons/year caustic soda, 240,000 tons/year PVC (including 205,000 tons of S-PVC, 35,000 tons of E-PVC, 5,000 tons of C-PVC), 350,000 tons/year calcium carbide and 2 million tons/year cement, 140,000 tons of magnesium hydroxide, 100,000 tons of magnesium oxide. The total project investment is 11.6 billion yuan; The first phase of the project will cost 6.88 billion yuan. Source: Modern coal chemical cooperation platform

9. Mexico initiated anti-dumping investigation against China’s hard polyvinyl chloride

On 12 August 2022, the Ministry of the Economy of Mexico issued a public announcement announcing the decision of the Mexican domestic enterprise Industrias Plasticas Internacionales, S.A. de C.V. And the application submitted by Plami, S.A. de C.V. on 31 January 2022 for the determination of the import of rigid polyvinyl chloride originating in or imported from China (Spanish: pelicula rigida de polimero de cloruro de vinilo, rigida de PVC/PVC rigido) initiated an anti-dumping investigation. The products involved are hard PVC rolls, sheets, films and flat strips with a plasticizer proportion of less than 6% and polymerized with other monomers and single layer films, involving products under TIGIE tax code 3920.49.99. The dumping investigation period in this case is from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021, and the damage investigation period is from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2021. Source: China Trade Remedy Information Network

10. Pakistan has made a preliminary anti-dumping determination on Chinese vinyl/polyvinyl chloride flooring

The National Tariff Board of Pakistan issued Notice No. 62/2022/NTC/VPF on 29 October 2022, announcing the preliminary anti-dumping finding against Vinyl/PVC Flooring originating or imported from China. The preliminary finding was that the product was dumping. The dumping has caused material injury to the domestic industry of Pakistan. Accordingly, a provisional anti-dumping duty of 36.61% has been imposed on the product concerned with effect from 29 October 2022 for a period of four months. The product in question is vinyl/polyvinyl chloride flooring between 1 mm and 5 mm in thickness, cut into wood and tile shapes with fixed size for domestic, commercial, medical and office applications. The product has Pakistan tax code 3918.1000. The final ruling is expected to be made within 180 days of the announcement of the preliminary ruling. Source: China Trade Remedy Information Network

11, Zhenyang development of 300,000 tons of PVC device stripping tower head lifting completed

October 31, 2022, Zhejiang Zhenyang Development Co., LTD., undertaken by Ningbo Zhongtian Engineering Co., LTD., annual output of 300,000 tons of vinyl new material project PVC installation of the first stripper tower smoothly in place. Source: Ningbo Zhongtian Engineering

12. The first batch of qualified PVC products of 400,000 tons PVC device of Polong Chemical Industry was successfully produced

As of 9:30 PM on November 22, 2022, the test results of the quality management Department showed that the company’s 400,000 tons of PVC device first batch of PVC products nine test indicators, one qualified, one first-class, the remaining seven all excellent, marking ten years grinding a steel 400,000 tons of PVC project first batch of products successful output, and good quality. Source: Jurong Chemical Micro perspective

13, Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali Company PVC resin products officially offline

On November 30, the polyvinyl chloride resin products of Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali Company officially came off the production line, marking that Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali Company officially transferred from project construction to production and operation. With a total investment of 4.452 billion yuan, the project of Guangxi Huayi Chlor-alkali Company started construction on November 27, 2019, and the construction of China Communications was completed on November 3, 2022. By the end of November, the main device was put into production, mainly including 300,000 tons/year of soda plant, 400,000 tons/year of vinyl chloride plant and 400,000 tons/year of PVC plant. As the first driving device in Huayi Qinzhou Base, the polyvinyl chloride device is of milestone significance. The device adopts Shanghai Chlor-alkali’s own technology and has 8 136m3 polymerization reactors, including feeding, polymerization, recycling, drying, packaging and other units, to produce polyvinyl chloride resin by suspension process, with an annual output of 400,000 tons. It plans to produce six products under four brands, S-700, S-800, S-1000, M-1000, S-1300, and M-1300. Source: Shanghai chlor-alkali


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